Can You Mix Acrylic Paint with Oil Paint

Can You Mix Acrylic Paint with Oil Paint? Ways to Mix Acrylic Paints and Oil Paints

Even though acrylic and oil contain repealing properties, artists try to use them on the same canvas. Many times, artists have been seen doing it. But others have faced a heap of problems as well.

So, what’s the ultimate answer to the question can you mix acrylic paint with oil paint?

Simply put, you can’t mix acrylic and oil paint in the same palette. But it’s possible if you rephrase the sentence into- using acrylic and oil paint on the same canvas.

Did you get a little puzzled? Let’s break the facts down.

When Does It Require to Mix Acrylic and Oil Paint?

The circumstance when neither of the two paints can achieve what the painter wants, both paints are used to bring that specific feature. For example, when one wants the essential structure in the painting and the glaze that oil paint can bring.

That’s when one tries to use both the paint.

Again, when one wants gradation of colors, that is a blend of colors, use this technique as well. Acrylic is for the structural base, which is pretty quick for the drying nature of acrylic. But due to the same reason, the painter didn’t get enough chances to blend color. That’s when the oil paint plays a role.

The Consequences of Mixing Oil and Acrylic Paint

Oil and acrylic are not supposed to blend in the first place, let alone paint with them. Let’s say you deal with the mixing difficulties, what’s next?

Both of the paints have different drying rates. As a result, you will see the paint dripping, or spreading unevenly. Other than that, you might even witness bubbles, streaking, peeling, and cracking. The time of facing such critics isn’t fixed.

You might face them immediately after mixing or painting, or once it starts to dry. Or, it might degrade with time.

But again, beauty lies within the imperfection!

Artists technically use this technique to have a cracking and flaking appearance over the paint. Later on, they sealed the paint once it reaches the desired state and stop from further cracking.

A Way Out!

Instead of mixing you can give a thought about using both in the same painting. Even though mixing both kinds isn’t a good idea. You can use it one over the other. Acrylics dry quickly. After that, it’ll be a dried base for oil paint.

But never try the other way round. Acrylics won’t stick over the oil paint; resulting in flaking off. Right after the acrylic dries over oil or starts to dry, you might feel that it’s done. But that’s when you will see the paint coming off.

How to Turn Acrylic Paint into Oil Paint?

There are ways to make acrylic act like oil paints. The aperitive difference between oil and water paint is the gloss and the functional difference is the drying rate. Both features of the acrylic can be dealt with a retarder and acrylic gel.

In case you want to know the difference between oil and acrylic paint in detail, you can check this.


Retarder is usually glycol which is mixed with acrylic in diluted form to slow down the drying rate of the acrylic paint. This gives the artist enough time for layering highlights and color gradation.

Acrylic Gel

The acrylic gel makes the paint less dense so that stiff brush strokes don’t appear. As a result, the paint ends up giving gloss like oil paint. This substance has retarding effect as well but is visibly small.

Now that, you have your required materials, how would you use them?

Start by mixing the acrylic gel with the paint you have. In case, you intend to use multiple shades of one paint color, try using a different palette for them. And then use the acrylic gel with the colors. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of mixing, you can directly go for Golden Open Acrylics.


After you got the two weapons and the process, what’s next? Your third weapon will be the skill. Mixing paints accurately will also affect how acrylic will act like oil.


Now you might have got an answer to the question- can you mix acrylic paint with oil paint? There are situations when you can and cannot use the paints together.

Another important thing, one must not forget is to use a clean palette, brushes, and water for painting. You shouldn’t let your stuff dry after painting. Rather you should wash them immediately.

FAQs Section

Is It Fine to Mix Acrylic Paint with Other Paint Types?

Let’s say by types, we get water and oil-based paint. If your paint contains latex or water-based substance, you can mix it with acrylic. Again, if it says, it has oil or enamel, then you can’t mix it with the acrylic. You will get this much info on the label. However, you can always mix acrylics of different paint brands.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint over Oil Paint?

It’s possible to use acrylic over oil paint, but after drying. But doing the other way round will be bizarre.

What Kind of Oil Paint Can You Use on Acrylic Paint?

Modified Lean oil paint can be used over acrylic. It should be modified with either 5% alkyd or 10% linseed oil. These are the minimum percentage. You can even use stand oil for the modification. This modified paint is for painting over acrylic having a matte, gels, or satin mediums.

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